28 May 2010

Long Time no Post

heeyy people!
finally I can take a breath amid the final exams and create this post

there are so many stories, I don't know what story should I tell first.

last week I ate Dairy Queen at puri indah mall. I bought 2 medium blizzard, my father used BCA, so buy 2 get 3.
you know blizzard's motto? "served upside down, or it's free".
when the waitress turned it upside down, it melted, so I got 1 small cup for free. yiipppiiieee
4 cups of blizzard. whoooaaa....

I found this when I was studying history:

Johannes van den Bosch
he created cultuurstelsel in Indonesia.
in my opinion, he is as handsome as Elvis Presley

Herman Williem Daendles.
he save Indonesia from culuurstelsel.
soory sir, I doodled you become a sissy.
but see the positive side, now you have TWO BOOBS... :D

I was stumbled with this doodle..........

last night, I went to Jane's birthday party. what a wonderful party.
thanks Jane the food was so amazing.
sorry friends there's no photo.
but I have this silly photo.
evan thadius, the most silliest photo model I've ever met.
you have seen his sexy photos, haven't you?.
yeah he's so famous on facebook.

yesterday, my keyboard was turned into a nests of ants. horrible.
from the floor.

through the cable.

arrived at the keyboard.

marching ants.


more euughhh.

taking off the toots.

and in every piece of toots there aree......

- last friday my bangs was cut by nenek prewet. *disappointing* and now it's still on recovery.
- last saturday I'd done my photography exam. I haven't get the news about the examination, luckily I can cheated with my friends. it's harder than I imagined. hopefully I can pass.
- a pimple in my nose already disappear, but unfortunately it left a scar.
- I copied sansan's answer shit for mandarin and citizenship final exams. thanks sansan. :D
- this morning, my sister bought me a cake from "Dapur Cokelat". and she said tom me that today is "Dapur Cokelat" birthday, so the prices of all kind of cake are only IDR 100.000!!!!!!!!!!!

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