28 July 2010

What Are Going on School?

today, miss Firiyanti told us to made a map at school.
not only copying, but resizing the maps on "ATLAS" become smaller or bigger.
uh it was easy brow. kidding.





finally all of us finished the task.

and cebol.
indeed they're destined to together forever after.
show your love cebol....
shoot noni (?)
pew pew pew.......!!!

finally noni finished hers.

I bought this at my school canteen at the price of IDR 8.000.
so expensive, now I never buy meals there anymore.

my sister's dislodged tooth.

taylor swift go to school to penabur GS?
*noni's student card*

our best model at school.

bye .swapi.

24 July 2010

Beras Tagi Ship

don't know when, Jessica Xu gave me a souvenir from Medan.
she gave me a SHIP. yeah Beras Tagi Ship.

yesterday, she asked me to capture the ship.
because I have no homework, I obeyed her request.

first, I captured it on air, but don't know why, Midnight could not catch the focus.

after that, I tried to sail the ship.

the ship is SAILING!!!! YAHOOOOOO
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actually, I have bigger one.

bought it at Jogja maybe 3 years ago *dusty*.
the price was IDR 50.000.
I was bargaining with the seller.
and finally I bought it for IDR 15.000.
nice price.

already satisfied ms. xu?
want more photos?
give me more souvenirs :D

19 July 2010

Sudden Idea

last saturday, my family went to PHG.
we took a look at my new house progress.
and suddenly light bulb.
I got an idea.

do you know what I did?
why so serious?

I made this
Travis who lost at his adventure.
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my sister asked me to captured hers.
*the sign must be inspired by Sunway Lagoon (?)*

my sister captured this. is this sakura?

the falling sakura's leaves (?)
get well soon house. wanna live with you as soon as possible.
bye .swapi.

09 July 2010

Last Day of Holiday

I did watch
with my bro today
before went to the cinema, I went to neeps for submitted my homework.
it was .F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D.
feel free.............


the film was damn great.
every characters have their own personalities.
and I'm in love with agnes.
an orphan with a ladybug suitcase.
especially when she said
"it's so fluffy, I'm gonna die"
*watch the video, only 26 seconds*
struggling to get the fluffy unicorn.
using this for my desktop background.

this morning I captured this photo for my brother name tag.
he is doing a student orientation period in his school (?)

*smile is prohibited*
now he is an SENIOR HIGH STUDENT.......

bye readers. wait for a post about my vacation yea.
gonna be a long post.