24 July 2010

Beras Tagi Ship

don't know when, Jessica Xu gave me a souvenir from Medan.
she gave me a SHIP. yeah Beras Tagi Ship.

yesterday, she asked me to capture the ship.
because I have no homework, I obeyed her request.

first, I captured it on air, but don't know why, Midnight could not catch the focus.

after that, I tried to sail the ship.

the ship is SAILING!!!! YAHOOOOOO
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actually, I have bigger one.

bought it at Jogja maybe 3 years ago *dusty*.
the price was IDR 50.000.
I was bargaining with the seller.
and finally I bought it for IDR 15.000.
nice price.

already satisfied ms. xu?
want more photos?
give me more souvenirs :D

1 comment:

  1. thank you for fulfilling my request swappeeeeh!
    though the 'sea' is pretty bleak (i visualized something tropical before) i love it a lot :D
    PS : your mupeng face melts me down HAHA