19 July 2010

Sudden Idea

last saturday, my family went to PHG.
we took a look at my new house progress.
and suddenly light bulb.
I got an idea.

do you know what I did?
why so serious?

I made this
Travis who lost at his adventure.
wanna leave a like? visit my swapiinthehouse.
click here.

my sister asked me to captured hers.
*the sign must be inspired by Sunway Lagoon (?)*

my sister captured this. is this sakura?

the falling sakura's leaves (?)
get well soon house. wanna live with you as soon as possible.
bye .swapi.


  1. uuugh i'm totally looking forward for your singapore post!!
    btw the Travis idea is purely genius!!!!!! i thought it was somewhere at the park and u just captured it but man, u MADE it.

  2. thank you jessseehh....
    I tell you "my singapore post will be boring"
    there's no more adorable photos. and maybe I won't post it. sowry.
    males banget sumpah jes.
    belom resize, belom upload ke blognya, belom ngetiknya, belom pake inggris mikirnya susah. terus banyak kejadian yg ga bsa dicritain d blog jg.
    ampun deh. lgyan kn foto2 bagusnya uda g upload d swapiinthehouse smua. *jadi kaya curhat pendek*

  3. haha yawda upload aja foto2nya ga usah pake keterangan apa2 tp titlenya "SINGAPORE" selese.
    at least people will notice u spent ur vacation somewhere abroad gitu lah haha.
    sayang udah pegi ke sna tp ga diksh liat

  4. sa, pinter banget siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih. eh btw mau pindah ke phg? enyak dong deket hehe