24 July 2012

Retouching Photo

its holiday, and the third semester lectures is waiting me on september. I passed all the second semesters' lectures with no short term! amazing, I've got no 'C'. thank you Lord. finally I can hang out with my friends and browse unlimitedly. but don't know why, I feel so unproductive lately, I have no more intention to update my tumblr as well. I got dozens folders of unprocessed photos, but I was too lazy to sort, edit, and upload them to tumblr.
today, I have enthusiasm to retouched a photo, so I did that. I got the beauty shot from here. sorry Alessiman, I stole borrowed your photo without permission :)

the first one, I want to turned her into black swan, it looks bizarre eventually, so I just add ordinary makeup. the other one, inspired by oleg dou's style, but I have no idea why it turned out like that. oh ya, about my editing and retouching skills in photoshop, I learned it all by myself, my lecturer haven't teach me anything about photoshop :)

21 July 2012

New Interface

I made a new theme again for my blogspot. the 'swapiinthehouse' finally become too weird and infantile for me hahaha so I changed it into 'Samuel Alexander'. I made a new typeface also for the blog title. made it with pen tool on the illustrator because I couldn't find any font on the internet that matches my taste. I was overwhelmed when I set the layout then accidentally made a very big header. it looks quite nice, so I keep the big header. overall, this interface still looks a little peculiar for me, but yaaa~ nevermind, I've wasted too much time to worked it out.

20 July 2012

Ann He

a photographer from Dallas, Texas.
and she is, 17.
the last is the photo that I liked the most, look at those bunny teeth.
go to www.annhe.com for more photos and splendors.

13 July 2012

Plaza Desain Osmosis 2012

Plaza Desain is an annual art exhibition that organized by my university. I attended ‘Andra Alodita’ seminar for today, but I think it wasn’t that useful and worthy for me. and here’s some ‘asal jepret’ photos which captured this morning.
More information about Plaza Desain Osmosis 2012, visit www.plazadesainosmosis.wordpress.com