09 March 2014

Growing Up

Hi there, I was laying on my bed wandering what I've been doing this weekend and all of sudden I wanna write this post. I just need to mark on this year, on this point of my life, that I feel so scared to grow up. I'll re-read this post few years later, when I'm old enough to remember that I've written this post.

Lately I've been told by my parents that I am not young anymore and I had to have a plan about my future. I can't believe that I'm currently studying in my 6th semester and will be graduated in a year! (no more class, no more cursing the lecturers, etc). My dad is keep reminding me how hard it is to find a job, become successful and talk about adulthood literally every week, which makes me really scared to grow up. I am not ready to work 9-5 every weekdays to pay my own living expenses *pampered kid alert*. then last week I watched "this is 40", the movie showed that there are various problems that we'll face when become adults. I used to wanna have dozens of children, but now I will think carefully to have one. I want to freeze this phase of my life, I'm halfway to forties and have become young adult.

I know it's good to have plan for our future, but I never did. I'm the kind of person who just let my life flow and so far my life flows quite smooth and I feel so blessed. let see what I will be after few more years, I only see myself will be working on a graphic house after graduate, but who knows... GOOD LUCK SAM!

ENJOY YOUR LIFE, IT'S SHORT! seriously, I'm 20 yo but I feel old already.
"the trick is growing up without growing old" - cassey stengel.