02 August 2011

holaaa there!

Hi everybody… I’m coming back!
Few days ago, I open my blogspot and little bit upset with mine. it’s kinda sucks, oldies, old designed banners, typos, bad grammars *still bad, but I’m trying to be confident*, unattractive and aaarrrgghh… so now I’m TRYING to take care my blog again. Hope this blog will be better, but I think it isn’t gonna works haha
first let’s talk about my holiday…
I’ll say this is the BEST HOLIDAY EVER! don’t know why, but I just like this slow and relax holiday. just having fun with my friends (kidnapped), watching youtube, tv, online, twitter, facebook, updating some photos on tumblr, and EATING every time, like every 10 minutes I go downstairs hunting for snacks.
open fridge *nothing*
open another fridge *nothing*
dining table *nothing*
and usually I found something to eat in my cupboard, but now it’s emptyyyyy!
Need to go to groceries.
And yesterday, evan noi mimah alin cebolina adi and I went to TA, at first we planned to play ice skate, but canceled because it was first of August and the ticket’s price increased more than 50% than before, from IDR 30.000 to IDR 48.000.
so we moved to central park. just wandering around, looked inside branded shop then went out, then went in, then went out again *it was discount everywhere but still expensive for me*. Then we went to zara, and I tempted to buy a sweater because of discount, only IDR 200.000, and then bought it. *when I captured the sweater, it just whole black, because the sweater color is black, so the photo is black, arrgghh I don’t know how to explain it, did you get it?*
After that had dinner at nanny’s pavillon. The theme there was terrace, but it kinda sucks. Fake plant, limited seats, small spaces, bitchy servant *he is a guy, but he was like having his PMS*. Sorry for no photo, no one brought camera. actually mimah brought, but she haven’t upload it yet.
Then another story, I become a cupcake addict recently. It was started when my cousins sent me a cupcake when he/she celebrated their daughter’s first birthday.
my first cupcake *lazy to reupload and rotate it*
I ate it and that cupcake made me insane.

so delicious with a blueberry cream in it and fondant on the top. Since that day, I started to search cupcakes everywhere, then I found it at citraland, only IDR 20.000 for this big delicious fondant cupcake, taste same with the baby cupcake. And yesterday, I just tasted my third cupcake at TA.
Le Soho’s Red Velvet cupcake.

IDR 10.000, but its tiny and no fondant on the
top, just some frosting L but I still like it!


- I have a hidden pimple under my lips, but its sooooo ache and bother me!

- bought a new pet! Zebrawocky! It’s a blackberry device.
In fact, I have another new pet, but I’ll tell you later.

- I got kidnapped *again* by evan alin and adiwhen I wrote this post

- I have soooo many information for you, but I’m too lazy to write it down.
See you in the next post

23 February 2011

New Born Baby

heeeee readers!!!
*I think I don't have readers anymore haha*

do you miss me?
I know that you'll answer "absolutely yes".

therefore, I will fulfill your desire to read my post.

ok, let the post begin...


last month was Febuary.
and last month was MIDNIGHT's BIRTHDAY!!!

.26 Febuary 2011.
Happy Birthday Midnight!
eheh I have a super gift for you.
eh late gift I mean.


hell yeah! it is a MacBook Pro!

it was born on 12 March 2011
and you can call it

Bhaaaaaa... stunning baby.

but I really really don't know how to use Mac.
I need an expert.

once again, Happy Birthday Midnight.
swapi and Daylight love you :*

see yaaaa readers...

*guess who captured this*
Happy Family