24 June 2010

Knight and Day

heiho fellassssssssss
today I watched
teng terengggg
with my bro and my cousin
cameron diaz: damn hot and smashing.
tom cruise: disappointing.
the stroryline was too common for me, so it's lil bit boring.
but the movie was so funny.
made us laugh out loud.

- I got headache after the movie.
- I will make my driving license on saturday.

bye .swapi.

21 June 2010

Toy Story 3

today, I watched
with devi, aal, adi, noi, and noi's sister.

this movie was really really really great.
must see.

bye .swapi.
*sorry, I wrote this post in a hurry*

19 June 2010

Chocolate Chip

just want to showing you my "all day" works.
because until now, my holiday was sucks.

evening's hometown: monstore.
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there is happiness in every single chip.
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photoshop made me crazy.
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van houten chocolate chips.
bought it at ranch market, px pavilion.
IDR 28.000

secret: that white background is my school uniform.

love you readers

15 June 2010


in this post, I only want to show you this disgraceful photo.
actually, special for naomi, she asked me to show her this photo.
devi. my incredible friend. GO DEVI GO DEVI GO!!!!!
she took PEPSI COMPETITION on nenek prewed's birthday party.

she done it so fast, and she got gift voucher IDR 100.000

okay see yaaa friends. sorry, I'm not in a good mood to post.

14 June 2010


you know that 2 days ago, I went to my mother's hometown. Usually it's boring, but this time, not too bad.

arrived at Sukabumi, we ate mie cacao *delicioso*. Then visited my aunt's house, she moved into a new house, and she held a celebration. her house was so so so so HUGE but the designs were so so so BAD. I captured some photos there.

my lil brother, Alexius Alvin. *candid*

my lil sister, Aurelia Frisca Wimaruta.

the new born baby.
unfortunately I didn't capture her older brother, he's so CUTE.

will use this for my freeze photo project.
replace the central park fountains show.

after that, we had lunch at Saung Abah.

the restaurant concept is natural. all about plants, woods, bamboos, and stones.

the best food for me "Seafood Fried Rice"

my father.

my another aunt.

walking up the stairs.

my another aunt. she's flirtatious.

then we moved to SMS ranch. my sister took a horseback riding, only IDR 50.000 for 30 minutes ride.

when my sister was riding the horse, me, brother and father went to the stable. my father captured these photos. alvin and I only waited on the car, because the stable was very dirty, and it was GROSS. *huueeekk* but we still can saw the horses' names:
ety, jupe, and MANOHARA.... what a wonderful names. but it belongs to human, right?

this is manohara.

these horses must be poor and homeless, they like hobo.

and this horse is must be an actress or model. look at its belly, so slim and sexy.
can I have your diets schedule?

captured by me.

the clouds are fake using clone stamps.
there is a horse trainer beside my sister horse. did you see him?

then, we came back to my aunt's house, ate our dinner *fried noodles* and FINALLY went home.

we arrived home safely, but I got stomachache, perhaps cause I ate elite kampungnese foods and restaurants.

11 June 2010

Gray Saturday

I forgot to tell you that
tomorrow I will visit my mother's hometown at Loveearth a.k.a Sukabumi (?)

because my cousins will move into a new house and we'll celebrate it.

only a day, but feels like a months.


*waving a handkerchief*

I Hope There is no Post Title Forever.

heeeeyyy hoooo pals!!!!!
yesterday, I went to central park to do my freeze photo project. the targets is the fountains show. I arrived at 4 p.m. unfortunately it was weekday, so the fountains show starts at 7 p.m. so I decided to cancel it. but I had already brought midnight, so I captured some geje photos.

the first place that I visited after arriving.

restroom yeah.


all shop and store still opening soon.

dinner at solaria. *my brother's choice, not me*

table 16.

my brother, like a porn video model.

chicken *something* cheesy. bu hao zhe.

waiting for my driver.

cp is like a dead mall, only the ground floor full of restaurants, and the upper floors are dead.
but I love the atmosphere.

and I have a good news for me, but I don't know it's good or bad for you.

...now SWAPI is OFFICIALLY become a 12 GRADERS...
yeah it's twelve!!!!!!
this is the evidence.

then after school I made my ID card by MYSELF, I went to the kelurahan office, gave my fingerprint, gave my signature, and take a PHOTO. *fuck you bad photographer*
then, I used the service "ID card delivery". one and a half hour later, my ID card arrived at my house.
kartu tanda penduduk REPUBLIK INDONESIA.
don't look it's back, you'll be laugh out loud. *better I photographed myself by MYSELF*
but do you know my ages? if you don't, forget it.

- last wednesday, I watched
with astrid and dinda. after the movie, I have 1 question for Sarah Jessica Parker
"would you be my second mommy?"

- yesterday I changed my twitter username become @swapphire, was taken from the word sapphire, because my birthday in September. mbak yesika said that it too feminine, but it already changed.
follow me!!! click the twitter badge on the top right side. -->

- remember my tweet? I'll type it on my blog too.
"I made so many friends at GS but I made so many enemies too." but I don't care, there are so many people that still love me. *there is an additional sentence from my tweet*

tschus pals .swapi.

03 June 2010

Untitled Post

hey guys. yesterday me and my brother went to the cinema.
we watched........
nice poster. unfortunately the film wasn't as good as the poster, but I love the story line.

chloe grace moretz as hit girl.
her wig is mess for me. see?

better like this. not using wig.
very beautiful.

and this. awesome.
her tears = revenge for the death of her father.
love love love love this picture!!!!!!!!!

after the movie, I attend the 12 grader's "Farewell Evening".
nesa, jessy, basti, and I got free entrance. waw
we became the part of the documentation.
it was an honor, but it was a problem too.
actually not a problem but problemS.
too much problems.
some of the documentaries

the 12 grader. (Y)

Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie and Try Cynthia Ezra.
they're adorable.

try without her bolero. very different. unluckily blurrrrrrrrr....

the stage. look at the stars. nice.
*the sparkling stars not the singing star*


if you want to see more farewell photos, click here.
bye _swapi_