14 June 2010


you know that 2 days ago, I went to my mother's hometown. Usually it's boring, but this time, not too bad.

arrived at Sukabumi, we ate mie cacao *delicioso*. Then visited my aunt's house, she moved into a new house, and she held a celebration. her house was so so so so HUGE but the designs were so so so BAD. I captured some photos there.

my lil brother, Alexius Alvin. *candid*

my lil sister, Aurelia Frisca Wimaruta.

the new born baby.
unfortunately I didn't capture her older brother, he's so CUTE.

will use this for my freeze photo project.
replace the central park fountains show.

after that, we had lunch at Saung Abah.

the restaurant concept is natural. all about plants, woods, bamboos, and stones.

the best food for me "Seafood Fried Rice"

my father.

my another aunt.

walking up the stairs.

my another aunt. she's flirtatious.

then we moved to SMS ranch. my sister took a horseback riding, only IDR 50.000 for 30 minutes ride.

when my sister was riding the horse, me, brother and father went to the stable. my father captured these photos. alvin and I only waited on the car, because the stable was very dirty, and it was GROSS. *huueeekk* but we still can saw the horses' names:
ety, jupe, and MANOHARA.... what a wonderful names. but it belongs to human, right?

this is manohara.

these horses must be poor and homeless, they like hobo.

and this horse is must be an actress or model. look at its belly, so slim and sexy.
can I have your diets schedule?

captured by me.

the clouds are fake using clone stamps.
there is a horse trainer beside my sister horse. did you see him?

then, we came back to my aunt's house, ate our dinner *fried noodles* and FINALLY went home.

we arrived home safely, but I got stomachache, perhaps cause I ate elite kampungnese foods and restaurants.

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