11 June 2010

I Hope There is no Post Title Forever.

heeeeyyy hoooo pals!!!!!
yesterday, I went to central park to do my freeze photo project. the targets is the fountains show. I arrived at 4 p.m. unfortunately it was weekday, so the fountains show starts at 7 p.m. so I decided to cancel it. but I had already brought midnight, so I captured some geje photos.

the first place that I visited after arriving.

restroom yeah.


all shop and store still opening soon.

dinner at solaria. *my brother's choice, not me*

table 16.

my brother, like a porn video model.

chicken *something* cheesy. bu hao zhe.

waiting for my driver.

cp is like a dead mall, only the ground floor full of restaurants, and the upper floors are dead.
but I love the atmosphere.

and I have a good news for me, but I don't know it's good or bad for you.

...now SWAPI is OFFICIALLY become a 12 GRADERS...
yeah it's twelve!!!!!!
this is the evidence.

then after school I made my ID card by MYSELF, I went to the kelurahan office, gave my fingerprint, gave my signature, and take a PHOTO. *fuck you bad photographer*
then, I used the service "ID card delivery". one and a half hour later, my ID card arrived at my house.
kartu tanda penduduk REPUBLIK INDONESIA.
don't look it's back, you'll be laugh out loud. *better I photographed myself by MYSELF*
but do you know my ages? if you don't, forget it.

- last wednesday, I watched
with astrid and dinda. after the movie, I have 1 question for Sarah Jessica Parker
"would you be my second mommy?"

- yesterday I changed my twitter username become @swapphire, was taken from the word sapphire, because my birthday in September. mbak yesika said that it too feminine, but it already changed.
follow me!!! click the twitter badge on the top right side. -->

- remember my tweet? I'll type it on my blog too.
"I made so many friends at GS but I made so many enemies too." but I don't care, there are so many people that still love me. *there is an additional sentence from my tweet*

tschus pals .swapi.


  1. boleh kali mbak yesikanya diganti Jessica Xu trus pake link!
    btw actually i like your idea about Sapphire, the month of September, combinated with the word Swapi. Suitable. But still, it's still too feminime.

  2. huekk baru baca komen u. sudah terlanjur.