20 June 2012

Pray for Sam

start from 2 days ago. I was in a car and my phone rang. apparently, it was a call from ELLE Indonesia. shocked, seriously paused for few seconds. then they asked me to came to their office for an interview. its been 2 weeks since I sent an internship cover letter and I got no response, so I thought I didn't match the requirements. 

the next day, I go to their office in Jakarta Selatan, far enough from my home, about 2 hours to get there with my driver. arrived, waiting in the unusual environment, then interviewed by two middle aged ladies, I think they was the editorial heads. and yes I was shaking for my first job interview, but I think I did good, at least not bad. unfortunately, I had to interns there for 3 months minimum, whereas I only have 2 months holiday. and until now, I get dilemma. stay in university, or delay it so I can work there. oh God please help me, I really really want this, almost reach my goal to work in a magazine since I was in high school.

after the interview, I got back to my boarding house, chasing final exam's assignment deadline (the next day, 8am). I haven't did anything, haven't made a sketch yet. do it all non stop until 2.39 am. I decided to took a nap until 5 o'clock, then the worst thing happened, MY ANGRY BIRD ALARM CLOCK WAS NOT WORKING. I slept until 8.30 a.m. and late for the exam. I reached the class at 8.45 and the supervisor lecturer didn't let me in. I FAILED THE TEST. my last tweet before I slept was "Going to bed. Get rid off all this crap, because I don't care." now, I DO CARE! this subject is a subject that I hate the most. now my final exam score for this subject is zero, there's a possibility I failed this subject and need to join short term and re-do all of the fucking assignments next year! ARGHHH. I thought the ELLE called me was the most shocking moment in my life, but this thing which happened to me this morning, is more shocking!

(in my opinion, the closing paragraph is too disgusting to read, you better not read it)

I just want to tell you, so many things happened to me this year, but most of them are bad things. not minor kind of problems, but serious problems. even I got problems in January 2012, the beginning of the year. this is serious, I am not joking. because I'm tired to be tired.

13 June 2012

Aztec Pattern

about a month ago, one of my friend asked me to made him a semi-aztec iphone case design for his brand new smartphone, and he said that he would treat me if I help him. and yes, I help him. I gave him about 3 designs and unluckily, he kinda asked me to make another design because he don't like it. crap. I don't have enough time for him so I let him go. the designs have been abandoned in my desktop for weeks, that's why I decided to remake and combine them into one design. here it is. third pattern by me. simple aztec pattern :)

and today is nepik's birthday. I made this birthday greeting for her. Happy Birthday Nenek!