13 June 2012

Aztec Pattern

about a month ago, one of my friend asked me to made him a semi-aztec iphone case design for his brand new smartphone, and he said that he would treat me if I help him. and yes, I help him. I gave him about 3 designs and unluckily, he kinda asked me to make another design because he don't like it. crap. I don't have enough time for him so I let him go. the designs have been abandoned in my desktop for weeks, that's why I decided to remake and combine them into one design. here it is. third pattern by me. simple aztec pattern :)

and today is nepik's birthday. I made this birthday greeting for her. Happy Birthday Nenek!


  1. i love your blog!
    hope you can follow mine too :))

    vijhài, xoxo

  2. Hey, i really like your blog, and when I saw this pastel aztec pattern I got an inspiration to make my own aztec pattern, I hope you don't mind because my made has a kinda similar colour tone and pattern like yours :)
    I posted my made on my blog (http://ilmahismail.blogspot.com/2012/09/grained-aztec-pattern.html) and already give a link back to this post :)
    Thank you, Samuel!