24 November 2012


hello everyone, I wanna say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there who celebrate it. we don't celebrate thanksgiving in Indonesia, but I would like to have that kind of national holiday in here. Craving the giant turkey at thanksgiving dinner seems so legit. and the black friday as well.

and about november, everything is getting better. I think 2013 would be awesome, really can't wait for holiday. its approaching christmas, new years eve, new year, and then leave all the bad luck in this doomed 2012. I promise I will scream out loud 'happy new year' on my rooftop.

I've spent almost the whole day before today working on this poster above for the mid test assignments, we have to make a poster about brawling. first assignment ever uploaded to the internet ha ha haand today I planned to soothe my self with youtube and dvds. photos below were taken few hours ago while I was snuggling and freezing in my boarding house (just scrolled to the top of this post if you feel sick to see my photos). I should be at home right now. in fact, I am trapped here because nobody wants to pick me up, it was raining heavily and the traffic around my campus is so so so so so jammed.

 my head is on a chopping block, oh its chopped off.