09 September 2010


hey readers.....
how about my vacation post?
have you read it?

new post.
it'll be quick.
just so you know.
an hour ago, I've just scolded by my parents.
do you know why?
because of my impolite tweets.
I know that was my fault.
but I hate the person who tell my parents about my tweets.
and it must be my KEPOEST cousin ever.
but it means.....

I have a

"protected your tweet isn't guarantee that your tweet can't be seen by others." --> this is my wise tweet. based on true story.

TIPS: tweet your polite tweet. or STOP TWEETING.

- last weekend, I drew this.

bald red queen. lol.
still in progress.
I can't draw her hair, hand and wand.
need someone expert to teach me.

- I am falling in love with this crackers.

forgot how much it cost but you must try.

- yesterday, Midnight and I made this picture.
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behind the scene.


06 September 2010

Vacation (Finally I Posted This)

this will be a long post, so.....
get ready readers.

for me, July is the best month after February *chinese new year*.
because my school holidays always in July.
and this July....

my family did a
Vi. Ay. Ci. Ay. Ti. aI. Ow. eN
vacation destination:
what a wonderful vacation.
*this vacation was quite please for me*

arrived at Singapore. we were so exited a.k.a norak.

then we used maxi cab to our hotel.

we hired a LIMOUSINE.
first time for me felt a limousine ride.

and each limo had an IPHONE and GPS.
even I don't have it.

first, we visited china town.

I was starving at china town.
*look at my mimic haha*

and mcdonald became my choice, bored with chinese food.

heyy it's me and Midnight......

after my belly full, we visited baby MERLION.

unfortunately the merlion was thunderstruck.
get well soon mother merliaaa.....

took a walk at suntec city mall and bought ducktour tickets.

waited for the ducktour at Haagen Dasz.

first swapiinthehouse photo at singapore.
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finally our duck is coming.
duck's name: Darlene.

it's time to traveling around singapore using ducktour.

quite dirty, right?

it's so boring and tiring, even the ticket was so EXPENSIVEEEEE.....

then we played at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS....
when you arrive, first time you'll see this monument.
outside the theme park.
*so famous until it become so ordinary*
jsyk, everyone can take a photo with this without have to pay the ticket.

the tickets. bad design.

the store, I didn't step inside at all.
*it must be expensive*

wowww..... we arrived at the castle!!!

when far far away overcast.

kewl but expensive.

while we was queuing to watch Shrek 3D.
is that the F finger?

finally got inside the castle, but we must QUEQUE AGAIN!!!!

water world show.

frightening but entertaining :)

had lunch.

great design. better than the entrance tickets.
it was raining, and we must stop our adventure.

found amazing fossil at the food court.
everybody got inside.
the food court like want to explode.alay mode on.

I love this pict.

vampire show.

if you dare.......

I got you alone, no one around you.....
I'll kidnap you!!!!!


the 3D is better that HongKong Disneyland, but the decor is worse.
you must watched New York City hit by storm "special effect by Stephen Spielberg"
it was really really really AMAZING, but photography is prohibited.

travelled using this, don't know what is this.

under construction like the merlia.

then we watched song of the sea.

waited from the afternoon to get a comfortable seat.

the fool ugly fish.

the fountains was great, but the song was sucks.
not fused with the fountains.
worse than fountain show at grand indonesia.
at grand indonesia much better.

bought this, even though I can find this in Indonesia.
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she's so pretty, doesn't she?

become trashes in 15 minutes.
fucking delicious.

next day, we moved to malaysia by DOUBLE-DECKER.
first time for me felt a double-decker ride.
set sail.....

revel, he has a baby voice (?)

dark complexion.

#nowwatching: UP

dasar si alay.

Us at malaysia. ahheeyyy....

we visited 2 chocolate galleries.
they gave us the tester.
it was so delicious, so I bought a lot of chocolates there.
the prices almost reached IDR 1000.000.
but now, it become RUBBISH in my house.
the taste become SUCKS.


nasi goyeeenngg...... I heart this so much.

when we had lunch, we met this man selling ice creams.
an old man that attracted our attention. so we bought his ice.
very cheap, but I forget the price.
he is singing an italian song when he scooped an ice cream for us.

nice buildings.

the gates of governments' buildings.

patriot in front of the gates (?)

played at Sunway Lagoon.

screamin inside the cowboy boot.

we played kora-kora, we were not ready to get wet.

amusement for kids.
*I rode it also*

get wet again.
after tried all of the game, we moved to water park.
swam there with a DJ companied us.
it was so fantastico.

sorry there isn't to much photos at sunway, because Midnight was taking a rest at the hotel when we played there.
*sunway lagoon is much better than the photos*

lobby. waiting for our taxi. bye bye malaysia.

bought this "vanilla latte" at the airport.
the WORST starbucks' drink I've ever tasted and finally no one drink it.
ended at the trash.
RM 18

smoke inside the airplane.

in flight, we bought......
bla bla bla cheesy pizza.
IDR 18.000 ++

asian bla bla bla fried rice.
IDR 27.000 ++

vegetarian fried rice.
IDR 27.000 ++
HEY it's evening...

swapiinthehouse that taken at the plane:
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I swear only edit the clouds color.
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I love this photo so much.
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the pilot said,
"the situation is cloudy outside, we are at altitude 37000 feet above the sea level,
with a temperature of -55 °C."

there are so many photos from Midnight and my father's digital camera.
but sorry, not for public :)

F.Y.I :
- my father's phone pulses decreased around 260.000 points after the vacation, because he didn't turn off his blackberry messenger. it was awful bad.

- I hate a hotel that doesn't has an shower jet beside the closet.

- I walked back and forth as much as three times in orchard road using my converse, and now it damaged.

- you must try a roadside ice cream with bread at orchard road. it tasted damn great.
suggestion: try the mint chocolate chip flavor.

- arie wibowo stayed at the same hotel with me at Singapore (is this important?)

- every restaurants at singapore and malaysia are always has this call button.

bye bye......