28 May 2010

Long Time no Post

heeyy people!
finally I can take a breath amid the final exams and create this post

there are so many stories, I don't know what story should I tell first.

last week I ate Dairy Queen at puri indah mall. I bought 2 medium blizzard, my father used BCA, so buy 2 get 3.
you know blizzard's motto? "served upside down, or it's free".
when the waitress turned it upside down, it melted, so I got 1 small cup for free. yiipppiiieee
4 cups of blizzard. whoooaaa....

I found this when I was studying history:

Johannes van den Bosch
he created cultuurstelsel in Indonesia.
in my opinion, he is as handsome as Elvis Presley

Herman Williem Daendles.
he save Indonesia from culuurstelsel.
soory sir, I doodled you become a sissy.
but see the positive side, now you have TWO BOOBS... :D

I was stumbled with this doodle..........

last night, I went to Jane's birthday party. what a wonderful party.
thanks Jane the food was so amazing.
sorry friends there's no photo.
but I have this silly photo.
evan thadius, the most silliest photo model I've ever met.
you have seen his sexy photos, haven't you?.
yeah he's so famous on facebook.

yesterday, my keyboard was turned into a nests of ants. horrible.
from the floor.

through the cable.

arrived at the keyboard.

marching ants.


more euughhh.

taking off the toots.

and in every piece of toots there aree......

- last friday my bangs was cut by nenek prewet. *disappointing* and now it's still on recovery.
- last saturday I'd done my photography exam. I haven't get the news about the examination, luckily I can cheated with my friends. it's harder than I imagined. hopefully I can pass.
- a pimple in my nose already disappear, but unfortunately it left a scar.
- I copied sansan's answer shit for mandarin and citizenship final exams. thanks sansan. :D
- this morning, my sister bought me a cake from "Dapur Cokelat". and she said tom me that today is "Dapur Cokelat" birthday, so the prices of all kind of cake are only IDR 100.000!!!!!!!!!!!

16 May 2010

Three Musketeers

yesterday......... at 08.00 in the morning,
@adidido @weirdoinpink and @swapickpocket
took a walk
at summareccon mall serpong,
we was feeling "LONELY".
@adidido and @swapickpocket arrived early.
@weirdoinpink hadn't arrived yet. *lame girl*

while we was waiting, @spongeblue asked me to see moscow circus near sms.
we met:
afro pony

Mr. elephant.

and uncle camel. *look at that saliva. euughh*


back to sms, finally that oily girl arrived, but sms still dead. no life.

few minutes later,
I made some photos.
sylvanian family and vintage necklace watch.
@weirdoinpink's property.

didn't know what kind of flower is this.

wanna see others photo?
visit my "swapiinthehouse" facebook album.
click here. click click click


after became strangers in sms, we went to sheena's birthday bash at SUSHINAGA.
all of my friends became wilder than before, but I was not in a good mood.
unfortunately sushinaga's toilet was under maintenance.

I'm so sorry because there is no documentary at sheena's.

14 May 2010

Hodgepodge Post

hey people. I confess that this post title was very freak.
I got that word from google translate. because I was very confused naming this post. shame.
click this link to get the meaning :D

let's begin the post..........


last Saturday, I played with Midnight, best pet EVER.
what did we do? we transformed swapi into SWAPINOCCHIO.
aw aw aw awesome

the utensils:
1. my bother's faber castle
2. paper *I used wasted paper from previous experiments. prevent the global warming. remember, our earth is only ONE.
3. scissor from kitchen

I drew the sketches on the paper before it drew on my hand. beside that I made clouds and birds too with that paper.

project finished. bye bye sushine..........

look at that sink, disgusting isn't it?

swapi presents:
click the photo for better resolution.
or leave a like on my facebook.
click here.

2. Philibert Routine Vanilla Syrup
I got this amazing vanilla syrup from my father's friend. Thank you uncle.
this syrup are so adorable with its vanilla flavor.
we can eat or drink it with everything, even though without anything.
actually, I don't know where to buy this syrup. but, I recommend this syrup.


3. WEIRDOINPINK's wish list.

this is not really important.
just want to showing off her desire to get that rare stuff.
*devoy messed up her wish list*

4. Sociology test.

we got the same mark at sociology test.
but we didn't cheat.
wonderful *for me*

5. ???

find this inside my local disk. don't know when I captured this photo. quite funny.

- my dinner yesterday. pizza hut fettuccine.
I ordered it by pizza hut delivery, and I waited for a long long time.
but not bad.

- sorry if there are some mistakes, I'm still using google translate. shame. again.

my original quote
"Friends, I didn't remember our sad story, but I do remeber our happy story.
I love you meine freund"

best regards,

04 May 2010

Dedicated to @weirdoinpink

haia buddies......
this post is dedicated to my friend called jessy.
I give this precious post to her because yesterday was her BIRTHDAY!!!!
she turned into 17 years old girl. taa daaaa
aw aw aw awesome.


at english laboratory class, we doodled her HUGE calves.
excitement parameters: 19%

at economy class, we threw her chair and bag outta the classroom.
excitement parameters: 33%

at english class, we spread hot oil balm at her sexy body.
excitement parameters: 56%

at geography class, we gave our bad breath to her face.
excitement parameters: 71%

at mandarin class, we glossed her face with lip gloss and doodled her hands.
excitement parameters: 99,98%

after class, we went to her house, then we threw her sprite, flours, and eggs.
finally, excitement parameters reached 100%.
we did it!!!!! yaaaahhhooooooo........


HUGE enough.

my doodled: wristwatch, APENG's name engraved on it.

popeye the sailor man. tooot tooot.

"confession: yeah, I am an alay" - Jessica Novia


full of struggle. thanks chang for gave renny and I the ride.

waiting for devi and epan, they had an accountancy exercise. they're EXPERT.

briefing. for a long long time.

we walk, we wa-alk *the ting tings*

look at that! the pink one on the motorcycle.
that's our grandmother, 56 years old girl, so she must rode motorcycle.


she still hold her keys.

stinky and disgusting.


I hope they are become a couple.

at the end, I waited at my school until 5.58 p.m.
alansan accompanied me for a while. thanks alan. unfortunately he came home first.
lonely I'm so lonely, I have nobody.............

02 May 2010

I'm Newbie Here.

hay pals. I'm an immigrant from tumblr. yeah I'm newbie, sorry if there are any mistakes. do you miss my previous post? read my previous posts here. now, it's time to tell you about my day.

yesterday schedule:
6 a.m. : went to victoria's house for a drama rehearsals, unfortunately she hadn't woke up yet and her blackberry is still OFF, I can't contact her, so I decided to wait inside the car. tik tok tik tok, evan arrived, apeng arrived, ario and felice arrived too. but we were still waiting waiting and waiting.

the fierce looks.


captured by apeng.


6.45 a.m. : we got in victoria's house

victoria's unique calendar.

I was shocked by a tons of KECIPUT inside victoria's room.

7.15 a.m. : we cancel the rehearsal and moved to school.

before that, we picked jessy up by car, but evan went to school from victoria's house by bike. poor evan.

9.15 a.m. : we finished for rehearsal, after that I ate "KIES' with devi, jessy, and suryo.

12.30 p.m. : finally, our turn to performed our drama.

1.00 p.m. : performed finish.

3.30 p.m. : arrived at neep's. late 2 and a half hours for photography lessons. *great job maDAMN veronica and cecilia for wasted my times, thank you fuck you*

5.15 p.m. : lessons finished. then got surprise from my father, he bought "iron man 2" tickets. yiipppiiiieeee.

6.45 p.m. : enjoyed the movie.

8.15 p.m. : went home with mint chocolate chip BR ice cream, taste of heaven.


it was a great movie with glorious effect. actually, boring at the beginning, and I don't understand about the story, but the jokes and effects are still entertaining.

Tony Stark and Pepper Pott are keeewwwwllll couple. love them both.