04 May 2010

Dedicated to @weirdoinpink

haia buddies......
this post is dedicated to my friend called jessy.
I give this precious post to her because yesterday was her BIRTHDAY!!!!
she turned into 17 years old girl. taa daaaa
aw aw aw awesome.


at english laboratory class, we doodled her HUGE calves.
excitement parameters: 19%

at economy class, we threw her chair and bag outta the classroom.
excitement parameters: 33%

at english class, we spread hot oil balm at her sexy body.
excitement parameters: 56%

at geography class, we gave our bad breath to her face.
excitement parameters: 71%

at mandarin class, we glossed her face with lip gloss and doodled her hands.
excitement parameters: 99,98%

after class, we went to her house, then we threw her sprite, flours, and eggs.
finally, excitement parameters reached 100%.
we did it!!!!! yaaaahhhooooooo........


HUGE enough.

my doodled: wristwatch, APENG's name engraved on it.

popeye the sailor man. tooot tooot.

"confession: yeah, I am an alay" - Jessica Novia


full of struggle. thanks chang for gave renny and I the ride.

waiting for devi and epan, they had an accountancy exercise. they're EXPERT.

briefing. for a long long time.

we walk, we wa-alk *the ting tings*

look at that! the pink one on the motorcycle.
that's our grandmother, 56 years old girl, so she must rode motorcycle.


she still hold her keys.

stinky and disgusting.


I hope they are become a couple.

at the end, I waited at my school until 5.58 p.m.
alansan accompanied me for a while. thanks alan. unfortunately he came home first.
lonely I'm so lonely, I have nobody.............


  1. for swapi's blog reader, it's me @weirdoinpink.
    dear swapi, thank you FOR POSTING MY BIGGEST SHAME (5th photo).
    thanks a lot.

  2. with my pleasure..... I know you want a dedicated post from me AGAIN.