19 May 2012

another attempt to increase my savings

participated on Binus Jazz poster design competition. mine, rated as the best 10 posters and displayed at the art exhibition during Studio Jams that took place in Binus Square, my ex-dorm (moved in to a new boarding house, I'll post the photos later). but unfortunately, I didn't got the first place. argh I need cash...

17 May 2012


so sick and tired of the massive assignments. so I took a little rest, play with photoshop that haven't been touched by me for weeks. I retouched otei's photo and made this blog's banner and sidebars. How do you think? but I think those designs are temporary, I'll fix them again later. yes later, maybe next year.
pretty surprised with the result, because I didn't plan to transform her into a creepy doll hahaha

14 May 2012

attempt to increase my savings

since I entered the university, I've wasted my savings on everything. I can't control my desire to withdraw money from my atm. it's decreasing every month. so I intend to gain it by joining a poster design competition. hope I could win this and recover my savings a bit. this advertising campaign design competition is held by Kavee Coffee. and here is my poster...
give thumbs up > here < if you want to
*every elements in the poster was originally made by me*

Jessica is also joining the competition. her poster > here <

13 May 2012

a gift for Midnight

my wishlists in 2012. few days ago, one of them had just granted. just found the perfect birthday gift for Midnight. I replace the 'Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II' with a 'Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM'. (and about the wacomm bamboo tablet, I decided to cancel the purchase, cause I've tried my friend's tablet. it helps, but not much). the story was begin when I went to Pasar Baru. planned to hunt bunch of super cheap apparels. after arrived at the location, I could find nothing interesting. almost all of the kiosks was selling "barang bapak-bapak". walked down passing all of the kiosks and found a camera shop where Midnight was born. I did't want to go home empty handed, so I bought a fixed lens for Midnight.

05 May 2012

Flawless Manekin

inspired by Oleg Duryagin or also known under the name Oleg Dou. I knew this russian photographer from my friend, candya. she was displaying Oleg's photo on her facebook cover, then I got interested and start googled the photo. at first, I thought those were illustrations, but actually they are photographed and retouched. look at those faces with porcelain skin and bald eyebrows. wish I can retouch photos that smooth.
hope these inspire you as well. visit his www.olegdou.com if you want more...

04 May 2012

dear Jessica Novia...

for a girl who introduced me to Blogspot in highschool, weirdoinpink