28 August 2012

Business Card

there's a mistake, my e-mail address must be swapiinthehouse@yahoo.com, I wrote swapiinthehouse.yahoo.com hehe

17 August 2012

Happy Independence Day

Indonesia is a place that has become my homeland since 18 years ago, well, almost 19. actually I do not quite understand about what are going on here, I had heard so many problems have occurred, but there's nothing I can do beside groaned in my thought. so I prefer to ignore those issues, as long as they don't harm or bother me and my society haha. the main things is, I am thankful I was born and live in this independent developing country with my family. Happy Independence day everyone, selamat ulang tahun Indonesia.

09 August 2012

Small Stuffs in My Room

price tags, don't know why I just want to keep those.

a pack of printed tissue papers, I got them from my friend, mushli.

never been installed, too afraid to be addicted.
The Sims 1 and 2 had become my addiction when I was in school.

inspirational brochures, flyers, and business cards.

I am the type of guy who likes to buy magazines (not really buy though, I also take free magazines)
put them on my bookshelf, then leave it without read it. even some of them are still perfectly wrapped.
I just feel pleased when I spend my money on a bundle of paper with an eye-catching cover
and observe the images at glance haha.

I have two, the other one damaged and now refuges in room.

dish out one bag every semester.
yes sir, yes sir, two bags full of assingmentSSS

little box, I can spend an hour just by looking inside this box, recalling memories.
Patrick Star taught me how to do that.

Aurel bought this varsity and it fits my size, finally she gave it to me :)

05 August 2012

Aztec Pattern

the fifth pattern. a friend of mine, she asked me to make a pattern using turquoise and peach colors. I added yellow and the result becomes too feminine.
the left one looks like salmon slice (?)