31 March 2012


this isn't a fashion blog, but really really wanna show you guys these...
Topman General Store, Convent Garden, London opened today. it is different. I wish I can visit London, someday. okay, I will. ps: this store has 'Quiet Life' too!
and fyi, about yesterday event, the offers are you could got 20% / 30% / 50% discounts for the selected items. fuck you demonstrators. seriously I have to come in the next event. 

29 March 2012

another aztec pattern

hello, today is a day off for me, woke up at 12, had lunch, lay on bed, read nylon, playing with Daylight then. guess what, I made another aztec pattern, its kinda addicted to make this time, with my name on it hehe

okay, gotta go, tomorrow I'll have a morning class. see you in the next post
big question: am I the only guy in the world who writes blog about my daily life? this is sounds gay, like writing my own diary. oh who cares. I know many people wanna peek my daily life haha.

news updates :)

I don't know what I should do now, because I'm not in a good mood to my homeworks and not in a good mood to play with photoshop too, so I intend to update my blogspot :) just updating what are going on my dorm room right now. I'm just clicking the laptop, Danny is doing his drawings, then he just got his macbook pro last saturday.
 here it is, brand new.
 mine, kinda look uglier.
he also bought this honolulu laptop bag for around IDR 600.000, do you like it? I don't hahaha
 and this ugly doll. yes this is a very very ugly doll, I never see a doll like this before, intentionally sold in dirty condition

Topman Fashion Fridays will be held in the next 30th march at Senayan City. just bring that nylon magazine and you'll get special offer. actually I don't know what the offer is, but last Topman Fashion Fridays, you could get 10% off if you bring the magz. unluckily I don't get permission from my parents to get there. because demonstrations are still probably going around Senayan until early April. seriously I want to be there.

24 March 2012

Happy Birthday Mami Rita

today is my mother's birthday. I made this birthday card for her. I had printed this card, stupid me, I leave it in my dorm :(
Happy Birthday Mami Rita, wish you healthy and wealthy :)
Katy Perry - Part of me published on 21 March 2012.

Karmin - Brokenhearted published on 22 March 2012.

Hot Chelle Rae - Honestly published on 23 March 2012.

3 days in a row :)

22 March 2012

few days ago, I just realized a friend of me provide a shirt screen printing service, and my aztec pattern finally printed on a t-shirt. it costs a little bit expensive I think, beside that, the colors are slightly different from the file I gave. the file was black and white, but when it printed, its more green.
picture of me while suffering from fever and sore throat for the last 2 days. ignore my hair then look at my wall, my house is under construction. builders, dusts, and noises everywhere.

12 March 2012

Aztec Pattern

my aztec pattern finally fledged. few months ago, I've tried to make this pattern with photoshop, but it took a long long time, so I gave up. then last week, my lecturer taught me how to play with illustrator, and its thousands times easier than photoshop to make this pattern. I wanna make the fair isle pattern at first, but this aztec kinda easier to make.
worked with Adobe Illustrator CS5 and finished with Photoshop.
the colors are a bit boring.

(my english is not improved since I graduated from highschool, sigh)
.samuel alexander.

08 March 2012


almost all of my 2011 wishes had been granted. and in this early 2012, I already had a new list :)

1. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens
gotta buy this as soon as possible, cause last 26th Feb was Midnight's birthday, and I haven't give him any present (late as usual). so I'm going to give this lens for his birthday gift :)
2. Wacom Bamboo Capture Tablet
one of my friend, danny, told me that this stuff is will be needed in the next semester of my lectures. actually, this isn't a must, but I've asked my seniors and seen the review video on youtube, all of the feedbacks are good. so I am seduced :P

3.  Canon EOS 600D
next semester, I'll get a videography class, unfortunately Midnight can't record any video, so I planned to upgrade him to be a better pet maybe in the next 6 months.
4. Topman's Turquoise Aztec Pattern Bear tee
I've been searching this tee since the end of last year. unluckily I can't find it in any topman store.

gonna rarely post the photos on my tumblr, cause I got a lot of tasks, homeworks assignments, etc. they're invading me these days, and I'm getting lack of sleeps *yawn. even I don't have time to remake this blog's banner and sidebars bzzz
.samuel alexander.

07 March 2012

I want to show you guys this commercial, I think this is brilliant. I've seen this so many times and now I am keep repeating it hehe, ya just watch...

I completed my lectures at 7 p.m. today, then got back from my campus to my dorm and it was took 71 minutes. argh I can't stand to stay in this damned place anymore...