29 March 2012

news updates :)

I don't know what I should do now, because I'm not in a good mood to my homeworks and not in a good mood to play with photoshop too, so I intend to update my blogspot :) just updating what are going on my dorm room right now. I'm just clicking the laptop, Danny is doing his drawings, then he just got his macbook pro last saturday.
 here it is, brand new.
 mine, kinda look uglier.
he also bought this honolulu laptop bag for around IDR 600.000, do you like it? I don't hahaha
 and this ugly doll. yes this is a very very ugly doll, I never see a doll like this before, intentionally sold in dirty condition

Topman Fashion Fridays will be held in the next 30th march at Senayan City. just bring that nylon magazine and you'll get special offer. actually I don't know what the offer is, but last Topman Fashion Fridays, you could get 10% off if you bring the magz. unluckily I don't get permission from my parents to get there. because demonstrations are still probably going around Senayan until early April. seriously I want to be there.

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