20 April 2012


just met her this morning on youtube. and her music videos are adorable.

19 April 2012

Happy Birthday Otei

otei, just an ordinary stubborn little girl who likes to argue with me. nevertheless, there's one thing that makes her special for me, because she is my little sister.
and today is her birthday.
Happy Birthday Aurelia. wish you healthy and wealthy,
I love you :)

14 April 2012


do you know that I've been addicted to playing a game called TETRIS BATTLE on facebook? all started when a friend of me named CYNTHIA SUMINTO told me to play this addictive game 4 months ago, January, during the 1st semester final term. at first I was like think that it was a boring classic tetris game like it used to, but when I tried it once, my life ruined. I open it EVERYDAY to get the daily bonus, and play it continuous until the energy drained. and these plague consuming my time a lot. my assignments will be delayed only for this game, then ended with sleep late at night.

then 2nd semester midterm is right around the corner, and I have a target to finish this game before the midterm. yes, to reach the highest level, rank 100.
Demi-God, almost reached the highest rank.
achieved the target
seriously, I feel free now, like there's nothing bothers me again.
sincerely, EX tetris freak :')

07 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter for those who celebrate :)
this easter greeting was made in rush.

maybe my blog and tumblr would be rarely update. assignments and tons of stressing things are dominating my life lately. and next week, midterm is begin. my blackberry is down for maintenance as well, argh I'm so completely fucked up. then my mom have some kind of neurological blockage in her back since last month, and she could barely walk. she had bed rest for 2 weeks, did nothing, just lay in bed all day then it's getting better. but she still can't walk or sit for too long. get well soon mami...