14 May 2010

Hodgepodge Post

hey people. I confess that this post title was very freak.
I got that word from google translate. because I was very confused naming this post. shame.
click this link to get the meaning :D

let's begin the post..........


last Saturday, I played with Midnight, best pet EVER.
what did we do? we transformed swapi into SWAPINOCCHIO.
aw aw aw awesome

the utensils:
1. my bother's faber castle
2. paper *I used wasted paper from previous experiments. prevent the global warming. remember, our earth is only ONE.
3. scissor from kitchen

I drew the sketches on the paper before it drew on my hand. beside that I made clouds and birds too with that paper.

project finished. bye bye sushine..........

look at that sink, disgusting isn't it?

swapi presents:
click the photo for better resolution.
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2. Philibert Routine Vanilla Syrup
I got this amazing vanilla syrup from my father's friend. Thank you uncle.
this syrup are so adorable with its vanilla flavor.
we can eat or drink it with everything, even though without anything.
actually, I don't know where to buy this syrup. but, I recommend this syrup.


3. WEIRDOINPINK's wish list.

this is not really important.
just want to showing off her desire to get that rare stuff.
*devoy messed up her wish list*

4. Sociology test.

we got the same mark at sociology test.
but we didn't cheat.
wonderful *for me*

5. ???

find this inside my local disk. don't know when I captured this photo. quite funny.

- my dinner yesterday. pizza hut fettuccine.
I ordered it by pizza hut delivery, and I waited for a long long time.
but not bad.

- sorry if there are some mistakes, I'm still using google translate. shame. again.

my original quote
"Friends, I didn't remember our sad story, but I do remeber our happy story.
I love you meine freund"

best regards,

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