09 September 2010


hey readers.....
how about my vacation post?
have you read it?

new post.
it'll be quick.
just so you know.
an hour ago, I've just scolded by my parents.
do you know why?
because of my impolite tweets.
I know that was my fault.
but I hate the person who tell my parents about my tweets.
and it must be my KEPOEST cousin ever.
but it means.....

I have a

"protected your tweet isn't guarantee that your tweet can't be seen by others." --> this is my wise tweet. based on true story.

TIPS: tweet your polite tweet. or STOP TWEETING.

- last weekend, I drew this.

bald red queen. lol.
still in progress.
I can't draw her hair, hand and wand.
need someone expert to teach me.

- I am falling in love with this crackers.

forgot how much it cost but you must try.

- yesterday, Midnight and I made this picture.
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behind the scene.


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