03 June 2010

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hey guys. yesterday me and my brother went to the cinema.
we watched........
nice poster. unfortunately the film wasn't as good as the poster, but I love the story line.

chloe grace moretz as hit girl.
her wig is mess for me. see?

better like this. not using wig.
very beautiful.

and this. awesome.
her tears = revenge for the death of her father.
love love love love this picture!!!!!!!!!

after the movie, I attend the 12 grader's "Farewell Evening".
nesa, jessy, basti, and I got free entrance. waw
we became the part of the documentation.
it was an honor, but it was a problem too.
actually not a problem but problemS.
too much problems.
some of the documentaries

the 12 grader. (Y)

Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie and Try Cynthia Ezra.
they're adorable.

try without her bolero. very different. unluckily blurrrrrrrrr....

the stage. look at the stars. nice.
*the sparkling stars not the singing star*


if you want to see more farewell photos, click here.
bye _swapi_

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