24 July 2012

Retouching Photo

its holiday, and the third semester lectures is waiting me on september. I passed all the second semesters' lectures with no short term! amazing, I've got no 'C'. thank you Lord. finally I can hang out with my friends and browse unlimitedly. but don't know why, I feel so unproductive lately, I have no more intention to update my tumblr as well. I got dozens folders of unprocessed photos, but I was too lazy to sort, edit, and upload them to tumblr.
today, I have enthusiasm to retouched a photo, so I did that. I got the beauty shot from here. sorry Alessiman, I stole borrowed your photo without permission :)

the first one, I want to turned her into black swan, it looks bizarre eventually, so I just add ordinary makeup. the other one, inspired by oleg dou's style, but I have no idea why it turned out like that. oh ya, about my editing and retouching skills in photoshop, I learned it all by myself, my lecturer haven't teach me anything about photoshop :)


  1. gw suka yg 1 sam.. lu apain editnya?? hha

    1. bibirnya pake brush biasa trs layer stylenya color dodge (kalo gak salah), trs matanya kasi bulu mata sama brush item, sama edit curve.