24 February 2012

One Day Off

yesterday was a day off for my university, every Thursday and Monday actually, and I have some works to do on that day. but I used that spare time to met Nana and Tora at Central Park (I've been to CP 3 times during this 2 weeks sigh). Nana is going to leave Jakarta in 3 days. she'll be fly to korea or seoul or whatever it is on Monday, and will be back to Indonesia as a fashion designer.

we met at nanny's and had lunch there (nanny's again). then watched "This Means War"
this movie turned out better than I imagined. we watched about 2 hours without get bored. after that we just share out story each others for hours and got back home. for a keepsake and farewell gift, I gave her a card and a dream catcher. she said that she was obsessed with indian stuffs. so I gave her that. 
"Indians believed that dreams both good and bad descended from the night sky, bad dreams were captured in a web and held there until the rays of the morning sun evaporated them, good dreams slipped through the web on to the dreamer"
that furry pattern on the background is my bathroom towel :[

aib aib aib
 my hair is getting worse day by day. I don't know how to get the clean look and 'arranged'.

at the end of the day, I stayed up all night long doing my homeworks in my dorm's lounge. luckily, there was others doing theirs too. it finished finally, but I only slept for 3 hours and I have to attend classes at 7 a.m. in the morning until 5 p.m. fiuh.

need to sleep right now.
energy drained.
shutting down.

samuel alexander.

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