02 February 2012


I'm writing this post around 2 a.m. after I wandered around others blogs. then feel ashamed with mine. this blog is just a piece of junk, dumped into the garbage. grammar errors everywhere *stand still*, bad quality picture, my banner sucks and I just realized it. even I'm mocking myself right now. but my pageviews increase drastically instead, although I didn't post anything.

I move to tumblr now, because I think its more suitable for me, I found bunches of inspiring artworks there. then, I upload some of my self portrait too when I'm in the mood to take picture of myself HA! sometimes I got irritated by my friends self portraits on facebook and start to mocking them in my mind *mindfuck* (everybody do that) so I think people also irritated by my self portraits. maybe upload it to my private tumblr is a way better than show it off on facebook.

open my tumblr at your own risk > swapiinthehouse

okay, I need to rest my body now, tomorrow I'll have an Indonesia's art history final test. wish me luck :) in the next post maybe I'll share my university life. I got some issues :p

*I can't find the 'publish' button!!! this is my first post using the new appearance of blogspot...*

*finally I found it bzzzz, click*

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