16 February 2012

central park

I'm getting bored with canteen's foods in my dorm, then danny, irene and I went to Central Park this afternoon. yes, I stay in dorm though this holiday, but only for today. because tomorrow morning, I have to gather around campus with my friends. we're going to go to puncak and bandung :)

had dinner at nanny's and bought 2 piece of macaroons from Bakerzin afterwards, cost IDR 8500 each, and IDR 42000 for 5 macaroons. so I bought 2 and danny bought 3 (price exclude tax 10% bzzz i think it was expensive) after that, I accompanied danny to carrefour before we get back to dorm. then I found a very cheap tiny plants, some kind of cactuses. don't know why, I want to buy one of them, it was only IDR 5000 and I bought one at the end. this is the first time I bought a garden/planting stuff.

impressed by this glossy pattern on the box, can you see it? 

mine, raspberry. 
danny's caramel macaroon. with gold glitters on it.

orange mixed with chocolate. taste a bit 'aneh'

see ya, samuel alexander.

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