26 February 2013

A Video

as you all guys know, my assignments are kinda taking over my life. when I fell tired doing all those craps, I open youtube and start to watch videos. and most of the times I can not control myself to stop. I will watch until late night rather than finish the rest of the assignments. few weeks ago I watched an iMovie tutorial and I interested to combine few videos, so I gave it a try. feel a bit weird when I was recording short videos in public hahaha

I wanna thank youtube because it has given me a lot of knowledges hahaha I can even pull my grade up by watching tutorials on youtube, because some (almost all) of those lecturers in my university are useless. I can't tell and you won't know how useless they are for me.

anyway I've been attending university for almost 2 years, yet I still can't acclimate with my campus atmosphere hmmm my friends think I'm quiet because I don't talk or participate too much in conversations, the truth is I don't really know and interested in what they are talking about hahaha once they talk about something interesting, I would definitely join the conversation :)

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