19 May 2014

Nike Free 5.0+

This story begins when I tried my brother's tremendously-comfortable nike last year, since then I've always wanted a sport shoes, but I never bought a pair cause I feel so ridiculous wearing sport shoes.

Then nike released the flyknit airmax 2014, I was drooling over the picture on the internet, save it to my ipod and saw at the picture literally every night before sleep. I think I gotta have one even though I'm not into running (only ever did morning run like 3 times in my life). So I planned to get one after chinese new year, despite I still don't know the price. I visit the store, try it, and go home broken hearted due to the price tag is around 2,4 million adfgjkal..... Extremely out of my league, so I forego my urge to own that iconic airmax.

I forgot about the shoes over times, until that desire reappear because my friend, Devina Cipu, said to me that she'll buy an airmax. This time I couldn't handle to have one, so I bought the cheaper one, Nike free 5.0+, it looks less ridiculous to wear than the other sportswear I tried. And the best part is I got it in black/metallic grey! I've visited and checked almost all nike stores in Jakarta and they don't have the black ones. This gonna be my day-to-day shoes shifting my vans classic era, and I recommend you guys to have one :p